Therapy Equipment


HF54 Hands-Free Ultrasound

The only ultrasound FDA-cleared for Hands-Free use plus IFC stim.
Priced at $2985
Lease at $99/mo

ElectroLight Infrared Therapy

Add Infrared light to your existing stim unit for combination therapy.
FDA Cleared
Priced at $1295

IFC Interferential Stim Unit

4 Channels of IFC, Premod, Russian, Tens and Galvanic.
FDA Cleared
Priced at $995

Dual-Sided, Clear Electrodes

Adhesive on both sides for twice the use (Fits all brands).
FDA Cleared
Priced at $3.50/4 Pack

Horizon Infrared & Red Light

800mW of Infrared & Red Light.
FDA Cleared
Priced at $1395

Neck Correct Cervical Rehab

Rehab the Cervical spine, increase practice income.
Priced at $69